Top 5 Cleaning Hacks That Actually Work

1. Clean your drain daily

You would definitely not want to end up with a clogged sink or toilet at home.

Cleaning your drain regularly is the best way to avoid build-up of food, waste, and other blockages that can cause bacteria build-up in your home.

2. Remove any wood scratches or bruises.


Keeping a clean home also means presenting your best foot forward.

Conceal all scratches simply with a concealer. Especially one that can adjust to the color of your wood.

3. Polish your metal items that are on display in the kitchen or dining.

Using a metal polisher is the best way to get rid of the dirt and grime build up from frequent use.

4. Keep your washing machine clean and free of any hair or fur.


Insert a catcher with your clothes so they catch all the fur and hair so it doesn't contaminate your clothes.

5. Clean your washing machine regularly

Regular cleaning will help prevent dirt and lint from piling up inside.

You'll have a bigger problem once it becomes too much to remove.